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At Oscar Stone NYC, jewelry is more than just something pretty to wear but a way to introduce yourself to the world. Every piece we make is special from Miami Cuban rings to elegant necklaces and helps you show off your own style.

In this blog we tell you about the Oscar Stone NYC Collection, showcasing handcrafted jewelry inspired by NYC's essence, from bold chains to standout rings. Whether you're an earring enthusiast or seeking a memorable ring, find pieces that resonate with style and sentiment.

Check out what is available in our Oscar Stone NYC Collection. There is a wide variety of jewelry available here, each of which is crafted with care and originality in mind.


Please take a look at our collection of Chains. These works are influenced by New York City, a city that holds a special place in our hearts. There are daring as well as simple designs available, ensuring that there is something that will appeal to every customer.


Love earrings? We've got you covered. Our Earrings collection has many choices, from simple ones to fancy designer pieces.


If you're looking for a special ring, maybe for a big moment in your life, our Rings collection, including, of course, our standout Cuban rings, has beautiful diamond rings, and more. Each ring is a symbol of love and special memories.

Featured on IG

We also have a cool section called 'Featured on IG'. Here, you can see the jewelry pieces that our fans on Instagram really liked. It's a fun place to see what's popular and get ideas for your own style.

At Oscar Stone NYC, we believe jewelry tells a story. Every piece has its own story, and when you wear it, it becomes a part of your story too. So, come and see our amazing collection. Find the perfect piece that speaks for you and shines as brightly as you do.

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