Trend Alert: Baguetty Season!

Trend Alert: Baguetty Season!

Baguette diamonds are generally rectangular shaped, with a sleek and slender silhouette. Similar to emerald cut diamonds, baguettes are considered a step-cut stone, just with fewer facets.

Take a look at the red carpet or across social media and you will see that baguette cut diamonds are trending. To maximize on the brilliance and shine that baguettes have to offer, they are often set in clusters. 

As antique and vintage-inspired engagement rings grow increasingly in-demand, baguette diamonds have become a popular accent for engagement rings, wedding rings, and other styles of jewelry. Reminiscent of the bold, dazzling designs of the Art Deco Era, baguette diamonds offer remarkable clarity and unmatched luster. For those looking to add a special touch to their engagement ring or other jewelry, baguette diamonds make a breathtaking choice. But, don’t just take our word for it! Continue reading to learn more about what makes baguette diamonds so alluring.

Both baguette cut diamonds and emerald cut diamonds are categorized as step-cut. Step-cut diamonds are less traditional than round brilliant cuts, though they offer their own extraordinary beauty. They feature rectilinear facets that resemble an endless staircase or hall of mirrors, which create a kaleidoscopic effect that’s simply mesmerizing. However, while an emerald cut diamond may have 50-58 facets, baguette diamonds only have 14. Aside from having a different number of facets, the key difference between baguette and emerald cut diamonds is how they’re used. Because baguette diamonds have far fewer facets, you’ll rarely see a baguette diamond set as the center stone. Instead, they’re most often used as accent stones. On the other hand, emerald cut diamonds are commonly set as center stones. For this reason, emerald cut diamonds have diagonally cut corners so as to avoid chipping or scratching. Because this is less of a concern for baguette diamonds, they have sharp, pointed corners. 

Though primarily used as side stones for engagement rings, baguette diamonds look just as lovely when set in other styles of jewelry. Channel set baguette diamonds make for eye-catching hip hop jewelry designs that are sure to earn you a compliment or two. Similarly, trendy diamond tennis bracelets feature baguette cut diamonds and gemstones for a neat, but iced out look. 

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