Cleaning and Storing Your Cuban Rings

Cuban rings are a popular item in your fashion jewelry box but they are also one of those that require special care and maintenance if you want them to shine like brand new ones always. In this article, we give you some tips on how you can maintain your Cuban ring collection at home.


Wet a toothbrush, apply toothpaste on it and with light pressure, clean your rings gently, leaving it be for at least five minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water later.

Try a mild solution of ammonia and water, especially if your ring is particularly tarnished or dirty. For this option, remember your ring must be solid gold. Don’t worry about diamonds at any stage as they will not be affected by water or ammonia or other chemicals, being the hardest known mineral on Earth.

Remember it’s okay to use mild soap and water but avoid any harsh chemicals. One thing that is sworn by influencers and experts alike is using baking soda with water to clean your Cuban rings thoroughly.


Keep your jewelry in a dedicated box, with separate spaces. This helps keep your Cuban rings isolated from other items and is generally, too, a good idea to avoid clutter and pesky tangling.

Keep a soft cloth handy in or near the box. This way you can wipe your Cuban rings with it before giving it a rest at the end of the day.

Moisture is luster poison. Keep your Cuban rings in a cool, dry place.


If you exercise and swim regularly, make sure you carry out these activities without wearing your Cuban ring to avoid any damage.

Before you go to bed, take your ring off, it will help protect the ring from breaking and even scratches.

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