Let Your Style Speak With Oscar Stone NYC’s Jewelry

A great, reliable, and creative jeweler pays attention to the last detail and gives you an assurance of quality like no other. Oscar Stone NYC goes one step further and turns your jewelry into a storyteller, where every piece you choose says something about your personality.

In this article, we give you a little introduction to the different captivating categories in our collection that are bound to leave you impressed with our artistic excellence, including our chains, earrings, and rings.

Chains Collection

Our chains collection will make you wear the spirit of the best city on earth around your neck. Each piece is a bow to the lively pulse of New York, capturing its dynamic essence in every artistically designed link. Whether you're looking for a big New York statement piece or need a more subtle elegance, our Chains collection has something for all tastes.

Earrings Collection

Our Earrings collection is all about diversity, and some of our most sought-after offerings. From intricate fine jewelry pieces to standout designer creations, your earring preference is sure to be taken care of.

Rings Collection

Milestones are special and you can explore our Rings collection to make yours even more memorable. Here, you'll find striking 14k diamond engagement rings among other styles, each symbolizing a personal journey of love and commitment.


Check out our 'Featured on IG' section, a digital showroom of pieces popular among our Instagram followers. It's your personal style compass, guiding you toward trend discovery and inspiring your fashion narrative.

The right jeweler stands by their creations and has a considerable history of quality work behind them. Oscar Stone NYC, with more than three decades of experience in the industry, offers a wide selection of stunning pieces. Our passionate artisans help you get closer to your personal style with customizable, unique options.

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