We Are A Third-Generation Family Business Based In The Heart Of The Bronx, New York, We Have Been Dedicated To The Art Of Jewelry Making Since 1985 and Rebranded in 2017. With multiple manufacturing facilities and retail locations, we have always maintained the tradition of creating all our custom jewelry in-house.  We are immersed in the entire process — from start to finish, understanding the challenges that come with purchasing custom-made jewelry. We understand our clients' artistic vision and we pride ourselves on meeting our clients' expectations, ensuring a seamless transition from fantasy to reality — bringing life and remarkable accuracy to our customer’s vision and imagination.

We strive to provide our clients with the highest quality jewelry through the finest materials & carefully handcrafted methods. With the mastery of our expert diamond setters and jewelers, we are proud to deliver quick service while never sacrificing the excellence of craftsmanship.

From custom 'Grillz' and rings to pendants, earrings, and links, Oscar Stone LTD has curated a collection that encompasses much of the modern aesthetic and groundbreaking individuality inherent in custom fine jewelry. Our variety of engagement rings, religious pendants, custom 'Grillz' and more are built around staple pieces that you will want to wear every day as well as truly unique designs for special occasions.

As the world of fine jewelry evolves, investing in costly conservative pieces has become a thing of the past. Tradition is no longer the standard and the adventurous spirit of creation is striving to break free. Empower yourself with custom pieces expertly crafted by passionate artists. Experience what it means to fuse timelessness, beauty, relevance, and wearability into your everyday life with Oscar Stone LTD customized jewelry.