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Oscar Stone hand selects each and every stone for his clients, working collaboratively to find the perfect balance of quality and size. Oscar has curated a network of international diamond suppliers to ensure that we can find exactly what our clients are looking for. The craftsmanship and quality of our beautiful and modern designs elevate our collection beyond your traditional wedding ring selection.


The 4C’s—Carat, Cut, Color, and Clarity—are the measurable ways we can assess diamond quality. All of our diamonds are GIA certified, and the Oscar Stone team will empower you with an understanding of these 4C’s to help you navigate through different options to find the perfect diamond for your special day.


The Cut is comprised of several measurements of a diamond’s proportions, arrangement and alignment of the facets, and quality of the polish, which all determine how the facets interact with light.


A diamond’s Color grade refers to the presence or lack of tint in the diamond. Generally referring to a yellow tint.


The Carat is a measurement of how much a diamond weighs.


A diamond’s Clarity grade is based on the number, size, and location of the imperfections that naturally occur, and how easy they are to see.


There are 10 common diamond shapes to choose from, each with their own unique properties of sparkle and style. Choosing the “right” stone shape means selecting a shape that reflects your personal aesthetic, or that of your loved one.

All Natural, All real

Oscar Stone NYC takes pride in our ability to deliver stylish and bold pieces using only real diamonds, never handmade. We work with a network of diamond suppliers to seek out the perfect diamonds for our clients. All products are tested to ensure diamond quality and customer satisfaction.

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