Have Your Custom Jewelry Made In The Right Way

Have Your Custom Jewelry Made In The Right Way

There are many different ways to carry out the creation of your vision to have made into custom jewelry. Ordering custom jewelry does not only involve sharing your vision, but it more so involves an extensive process of intricate planning, decision-making and proper execution on the jewelers' side with a carefully mapped structure design and proper material selection to be used on each custom jewelry piece. Better understanding how the final results will turn out can help you plan your custom jewelry order with the right jeweler. Fortunately, we have a strong team of experienced jewelers involved in every step of our custom jewelry creation process to ensure all pieces come out the best they can possibly be in any particular design. We understand the importances of making custom jewelry right and we strive to continue improving our level of craftsmanship as time passes. Should you decide to execute your idea into making it a reality through Oscar Stone, I recommend to continue reading.
For decades, we have taken great pride in every Oscar Stone piece crafted. Each piece we work on goes through an extensive process from start to finish, all to ensure every piece comes out the best it can possibly be. Over the years, we've created a number of unique custom gold and diamond jewelry pieces. To some, ordering custom jewelry may seem overwhelming, but you can keep these pointers in mind to simplify the process towards to ordering a custom piece.
Creating a custom jewelry piece can be an exciting process, especially whenever that ingenious, original chain or gold grill idea spontaneously comes to mind. Customization adds a great sentiment to your individuality in the form of an artistic piece of your creative mind. It represents an organic idea which stemmed from your own creative mind and is something that should be crafted to be appreciated for lifetimes.
Custom Gold Medusa Pendant
There are many things to consider when ordering a customized piece of jewelry from the Oscar Stone way. The specifics of each piece will come from you. Our team of experienced craftsman will turn your most creative jewelry ideas into a reality and do it in a fashion which meets our standards. Everything down from hitting pencil-on-sketchbook to gathering the best mix of hand-selected diamonds to preparing the perfect gold blends matter. The process of creating jewelry you imagine is what we continue striving to perfect. Not only do we customize pendants and grills, but just about anything else including engagement rings, bracelets, earrings and watches too (and more). Consider the following when deciding to pull the trigger on a custom jewelry piece.


This is the easy part. One should know exactly what you want before approaching us. You may have already come up with an idea, which is likely a reason why you’re considering a custom piece. Perhaps you've even sketched out how you envision the custom piece to look.  The more descriptive you are, the better. If you haven’t, feel free to jot down notes involving your idea that will help our team better understand your vision. You're encouraged to free your mind with your creativity when it comes to custom jewelry.


It's important to consider the size you want the piece to be. For pendants and necklaces, our Size Chart can help you on choosing what's right and best for you. For custom pendants, you'd be asked to specify how big you want the pendant to be. Normally, this can easily be stated by Height and Width. If it's a ring, we suggest you find out the size to make it at. For bracelets, we recommend you know your wrist size. Depending on what is being custom made, there are more factors involved, feel free to reach out to us if you need any help here.


Color comes from personal preference. No matter if it’s Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold or even Black Gold, it can be done. Yellow Gold is the staple of all golds, and is the most traditional color. White Gold is considered more subtle and modern, while Rose Gold serves a more unique tone. Regardless of choice, each gold color provides a different vibe and statement rooted from self-expression of oneself and should ultimately be decided by the bearer of the piece.


Considering how you want this piece iced out. Did you want it Fully Iced? Partially Iced? Or just made in solid gold? Having diamonds set on a custom piece would bring the price up higher, but as a result it'll be that much more enjoyable. Mentioning the quality of diamonds you want to purchase along with where you want them set on your design will help you get quoted quicker. As a standard, we use our proprietary mix of VS-SI Diamonds, but other options are available as additional upgrades. When it comes to stones, you are not limited only to white diamonds. Get creative with colors, as there are many different colored diamonds and gemstones available to choose from. If you don't want any stones set on your custom jewelry piece, going stoneless is also an option.


It’s also important to figure out how much you want to spend and have a solid, reasonable budget in mind. There are many jewelers with different minimums which you can choose from for custom jewelry services, however, please understand that our general minimums are currently set at $2000 and up. Factors such as upgrading your gold to a higher karat, the magnitude of the piece, whether or not you want your piece to be fully iced out or partially iced out, as well as upgrading your diamonds to a higher quality mix, all play a role in the final price of your desired, custom jewelry piece. Understand these available options when considering your most comfortable budget.


Once all details are finalized and you’ve placed your order, let I Oscar Stone do what we do best. Patience is crucial during this stage of jewelry customization. In the world of custom jewelry, one to two months of turnaround time is quite normal, however, our method of handcrafting our custom jewelry pieces allows us to have control over the quality and completion speed to deliver the final piece to you quickly. Depending on what you’ve ordered it will take anywhere between one to two weeks for completion on average. Enjoy the benefits of a speedier turnaround time with Oscar Stone.
Above all else, trust us. Rest assured, you can have full confidence that Oscar Stone will provide you with a quality, custom piece of jewelry that was meticulously made with the utmost passion and pride. We have a genuine interest for crafting custom jewelry. We invest our time into every single piece from start to finish and all work is done in-house. There's a better reason why many of the biggest names in the entertainment industry prefer to choose Oscar Stone to customize their most cherished custom jewelry pieces. We've created for many Greats, and we won't stop creating greatness.
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